Devonthink 3, Sorter and Catalina Beta

I know Both Catalina and Devonthink are still on Beta, so who know where is the problem, but I noted that I can’t use the sorter with Catalina Beta and Devonthink 3. If I config to show as a Dock tab, don’t appears if I choose to put in the menu, I can see there, but when I click to open nothing happen.

Maybe is just a problem with the Catalina beta that will be fixed in the final version, but I just want to aware you about it.


Thanks for the report! Development will surely read this this upcoming week.

Catalina beta 3
Devonthink 3.0beta3

Sorter doesn’t react.

Welcome @haakonstorm

Thanks for the report! However, please read our recent blog post:

Just an update for the people using Devonthink 3 Beta and Catalina Beta.
Last Beta versions solved the problem with the sorter, at least on my side.


Update for 10.15 beta 4 and DT beta 4: sorter works beautifully.
Thanks guys for your hard work on this awesome application.

Devonthink in combination with macOS 10.15 Catalina and VOICE CONTROL is absolutely full-on god mode, IMHO.

(…with a lot of glue with BetterTouchTool, Karabiner Elements, Hook, Hammerspoon, Alfred, zsh and a bunch of scripts … as you nest so you sleep, right? :smiley: )


Curious! How do you use Hook and DevonThink3? Hook looks interesting!

I would guess that since you can link to pretty much anything with Hook you could include links to DT items. I am brand new to hook but I can see this as being very useful.

Im starting to test it myself. I like the idea but I can’t seem to work it with DT3, it doesn’t seem to detect Links. I want something similar with DT3.

The really neat thing about Hook is system wide.
Also a little nugget I just discovered is Slidepad, neat new app too.