DEVONthink 3 vs EagleFiler

Long time EagleFiler user. Have always loved it.

Has DEVONthink 3 any advantages over EF, please?

Quicker? More fully-featured? ‘Fresher’/more modern interface? Better-supported?

I know it’s an invidious question… have always found Command-C to be one of the Mac world’s premier companies. But I would switch to DEVONthink Pro 3 if there are advantages.

Thanks in advance for any and all opinions, suggestions, advice :slight_smile: !

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It’s not to difficult to imagine how my answers to these questions would look like :slight_smile: But to be honest - if you’re satisfied with an app, its support and don’t miss a feature, then there’s no reason to switch. Anyway, on this page you’ll find some of the improvements of version 3:

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Thanks, Christian!

I am happy - but suspect I could be even happier :slight_smile: !

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