Devonthink 3?

I love Devonthink…

However compared to my other regularly used software Omnifocus, Evernote, Reeder, Omnioutliner…the interface appears a bit dated…

Is there any plans for a Devonthink 3 ?

Omnifocus, omni outliner? These are quite old, omni outliner reminds me of a DOS app. Granted they are both in beta for new versions, but it’s taken years and countless promises up to now for some progress to be made.

I was referring to the beta’s for omnioutliner and omnifocus…

I know Devon think is an immensely complicated app, and I know it inside out. It functions superbly… It is probably my most functional app I use, and I store everything in it. I have enhanced the functionality with Keyboard Maestro.

Therefore I really love Devonthink, and use it every day. It is a great application.

I just think the UI is a little dated…it is just my opinion…I am not criticising Devonthink for this but just voicing my opinion.

The DEVONthink interface is highly customizable, with the look of toolbars, icons, layouts, etc. If your DEVONthink interface is looking dated, consider making some changes to the layout. What I’ve done is not for everyone, but I already have a flat, minimal interface in DEVONthink. I’ve pretty much memorized the shortcuts for all my often-used commands, and I also use Keyboard Maestro with global menu commands to further enhance my usage of DEVONthink. As a result, I don’t have much need for toolbars and icons so I’ve cleaned them up as much as possible. I’ve also changed my default typeface to Nitti Basic Light which gives a clean, modern look for all my text files.

Thanks Greg for your really detailed and thoughtful reply. You have given me a different perspective on this and have come up with some good ideas.

I had been using Devonthink with most of the windows open. However now I have five levels of minimalism. The most minimal has just one window open with no toolbar or sidebar. mapped to different workspaces (via the Go menu) each with their own keyboard shortcut. Fantastic.

I have changed my fonts to Avenir.(which is free)

p.s I am a fan of too!

It doesn’t appear to be legally free. :confused:

Avenir came preinstalled with Mountain Lion: :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, berndm. That’s free enough. :slight_smile:

Call me “stuck in the past” but I like Gill Sans which was used by the London and North Eastern Railway and is to my eyes a beautifull and evocative font. Evocative because I am old enough to remember travelling on steam trains to school and holidays. Gill Sans still looks clean and modern I think although it ws originally develed, according to Wikipedia, in 1926,

I am a big fan of the Frutiger family. (Except for ultralight) it feels like what Helvetica wants to be IMO.

I would like to see Devonthink 3 have tabs (for folders) and auto resizing columns like I have grown to love in Path Finder. Tabs make using DevonThink much more efficient for use of screen space and navigation.

Could we get a glimpse at the DevonThink 3 roadmap in terms of timing, roughly speaking? For example an approximate target the start of a beta release cycle? Thanks.

no. :mrgreen:

This is dangerous territory for a developer and a source of grief (for us and you all) that we want to avoid. Even if we hint at what we’d like to see happen, some will take it as a promise.

Rest assured that we are discussing many things about future releases (and still have to contend with our current duties too) and we will offer info as it’s ready for the public.

Thanks, Bluefrog, I realize the risks and appreciate your responsible position. My question pertained not so much to new features but to the timing of events: the month, quarter or year in which the next major release (or beta series) is planned to appear, roughly speaking.

Understood, but even that is a bit dicey for us to get into. What we hope for and what we will announce are often two very different things. So at this point, to not disappoint (or appear to commit ourselves) we’d rather play this closer to the vest. :slight_smile:

Remember when Windows '95 was referred to as Windows '93?

And this: :mrgreen:

Closer to home, you could also just search for Devonthink 2 threads, and the many year long buildup to the upgrade to v1 :open_mouth:

Not complaining, I find dtpo2 indispensible to my daily work routine, it works for me, it has some problems, the UI could be better but so far as what I’ve read in the forums here people have complained about the UI for half a decade+

Whatever happens I’m sure it’ll be nice when it arrives and I’ll be shocked and very pleasantly surprised if it happens before 2015 8)

Still a sore subject for me, since I was one of the customers in the forums harassing Criss and Eric about it :slight_smile:

One of the things I love about DEVONtechnologies is that we’re very forthcoming with public betas. As it turned out in the case of DEVONthink 2, I think the public beta period might have actually been longer than the initial, pre-beta development period… but as my roles have flip-flopped since then, and I’m not as young as I once was, I might not be remembering accurately.