Devonthink/agent review

I hadn’t planned it this way but an article I wrote on research in the internet age turned into something of a review of Devonthink and Agent. If anyone’s interested you can find it here… … ernet_age/

I must say I struggled with these products to begin with. They do come across as complicated, and I suspect I am only using 50 pc of what they can actually do. But it’s still transformed the way I store and use research… so thanks.

Thanks for the link–the article is very interesting and so is your blog. Both Charles Darwin and I agree with you that south Kent is gorgeous country and so did some of my ancestors, by the family name of Hand.

You questioned the value of the Concordance tool; I use it often to see what unusual words appear in my database. Double-clicking on a word brings up a Search box, to hunt all instances of that word. The word-lists in Concordance help me to free-associate and connect, instead of stewing in confusion.

If you open a document as its own window, by double-clicking, the Words button displays a concordance on that document. So the Concordance is another way of prompting searches. I have yet to understand what “Weight” means in a Concordance list, however.

In some of the threads, notably “DT as a writer’s tool,” we’ve discussed the pros-cons, ways & means of using DT to write both nonfiction and fiction. I’ve done both; we would be interested on your take, if you have the time.

Thanks - will check out that thread. I’m in east Kent by the way - there isn’t really a south for some reason, or at least it’s not commonly called. The east just runs straight south into the English Channel, which is blowing a gale at the moment…