DEVONthink and Apple Mail - transfer off mails

I am confused on how the menu “Add to DEVONthink 3” in my Apple Mail is suppose or already working. :thinking:

  1. If I click the Menu, the marked mail get’s added to DEVONthink 3
  2. If I use the shortcut on the menu, an Inbox is created in the Global inbox, and all the mails in my Inbox in Apple mail is transferred.

So why is there a different behavior between the menu vs. using the mention shortcut in the menu.
screen dump form menu in

  • Is there a way to change the shortcut, it is pretty difficult to udse on a Danish keyboard :denmark:.? (update 01-03-21 14:08 I think I found where to make the change in the Service menu under programs)

Any ideas or suggestions to make mail even easier to process to DEVONthink 3.


Did you use the shortcut of Mailbox > Add to DEVONthink 3 or of Message > Add to DEVONthink 3?

I’m just wondering whether there is a misunderstanding… the keys to press are control, option, command and m. A quick search suggests to me that those keys are in the same place on the danish Apple keyboard as on an english or german one.

Hi, might be, but they it is still difficult to “hit” 4 keys with one hand… so I just wanted to change them.


Sorry I didn’t realize there where 2 Menu, so my mistake…

Thanks for the help :smiley: