DEVONThink and DEVONNote on same computer?

I have been evaluating software for use as a research tool and note-taker for work on a book manuscript. I have settled on DEVONThink as the ‘master data warehouse’ but really like the lightness and ease of use with DEVONNote. I use 'Note for note-taking (obviously) and as a daily journal as well as a temporary reservoir of information and pictures. I’m reserving 'Think for the data reduction, extraction of quotes, and as a repository of all the individual research notes for the book. Every few days I copy the accumulated notes over to 'Think.

I’m sure that someone will question why I am using two separate programs. The reason is that my data reduction will come later on, after I have gathered my raw information. Being faced with seeing the accumulation daily while doing research and wanting to edit may be more tempting than my will to do the raw work itself. Second, I prefer working with the comparatively sparse view of 'Note. I also feel like if I make a newbie blunder, I’ll screw up much less on the comparatively small database of 'Notes as opposed to the Master Files accumulated in 'Think.

I have both programs running, seemingly happily, on my MacBook but have a niggling worry that there could be some possible conflicts in databases, services or other internal agent that could conceivably cause damage to data or outright loss. I back up frequently so any disaster should have few consequences.

Please advise me if this is something to worry about or am I just being overcautious.


Yes. Although one should not have two copies of a DEVONthink application, as that would confuse scripts and Services, it’s OK to have bothDEVONnote and a DEVONthink app installed – in fact, I do that.

Thanks for the quick reply Bill!

I did a workflow diagram and realized that I was only making more complexity by using both programs. It is now apparent to me that the DEVONnote software is a much-simplified version of DEVONthink; I had been treating it as a different and unrelated product. I migrated my notes to DEVONthink and am now doing all my work from there. Now that I have become more familiar with the software, I’m much more comfortable and am moving along nicely.

Overall I am really impressed with the DEVON* series of products and in fact just purchased DEVONagent Pro. Looks like I have found something that works well and is fairly easy to learn.

I’ll still have some questions though… will ask one in another posting.


The reason I also use DEVONnote is that an option under the Window menu allows a floating DEVONnote window. That can be convenient for making notes about a document open under another app, even DEVONthink. When not in use, I minimize the DEVONnote window to the Dock.