DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go bonjour connection timing out?

So I have a question about Bonjour sync. I’ve been using it for a while and generally I’m 95% happy with it. But it does something that I’m not sure if it’s supposed to do?

So here’s a scenario:

I’m at home with my Macbook and iPhone. They’re both connected to the same wifi with the iPhone acting as the server. I open my Macbook and turn on my iPhone and DT/DTTG are open in both. I have manual syncing turned on with DTTG so I click the little cloud button and everything syncs fine.

Then I lock the screen on my iPhone and put it down.

I’m working on my Macbook for an hour, clipping from the web and adding new notes. I’m going to finish my work session and would like to sync those changes to my phone. So I pick up my phone and open DTTG and tap on the cloud. Nothing happens. I tap it again and nothing happens. I go into setting to look at where things are synced and notice that the Macbook is greyed out.

I restart DTTG and sync fine.

Is this expected behavior that it seems to time out? I expect that if I never changed the wifi network, didn’t close the apps, etc. that it should sync and I shouldn’t have to restart DTTG. But I have to restart it like… 10 times a day because I like both devices to always be in sync.

I think the lock on the iPhone tells iOS to stop things like that. I keep my iPhone unlocked, not on power-save, and let it rip. All that interchange is controlled by iOS and Apple’s incentive is to conserve battery power. Others can of course comment, but I don’t think there is much you can do to control it.

I figured something like that was causing it. I’m not an expert in any of this infrustructure, but I guess I’m just wondering why DTTG wouldn’t try to re-establish the connection. It’s like after some time the Bonjour server connection is cut and DTTG just lists it as Offline and the only way to re-establish is to force quit the app. I feel like it’s not good practice to have to force quit an app to get it to work properly and I don’t typically have to do that with any other app.

I really feel like maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Try not locking screen and keep DEVONthinkToGo active and full screen.

It’s impossible to really assess without logs but DEVONthink To Go won’t sync in the background except when iOS allows it.

I can confirm what others have said about leaving the iPhone unlocked, as I use the same workflow you described but with a MacBook, iMac, iPad, and iPhone. I am really impressed with how well synchronisation works these days.

Synchronization is much harder to implement than most people realize, and DevonThink and DTTG work incredibly well now that the kinks have been ironed out.


Thank you for the nice feedback and confirmation!
And indeed, sync is much simpler with a closed-loop system, like Evernote only syncing to Evernote servers. When you give people more options as we have, the challenges quickly increase. And while we can’t hope to implement specific support for every cloud service that appears (and often disappears), we feel the effort has ultimately been worth it.

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