DEVONThink and Encryption

I was happily surprised when I saw the note about DEVONThink 2.7 supporting encryption for syncs on remote destination, thank you for adding that feature! I do however have a couple questions about how it works.

First off, how can I tell that it’s working? :slight_smile: I have both my main database and my global inbox synced to dropbox (>2GB of data total) and the first sync after upgrade was really quick. I expected a much more intensive process due to the need to encrypt all the data on the remove store. How is this supposed to work?

Secondly, soon after the upgrade (maybe immediately, I’m not sure) syncing to remote destinations for both my inbox and other database started failing with an error stating that the receipt was from a different product version, and that I need to clean both remote destinations. I’ve never seen this before ever after upgrades. I did the clean, which seemed to have deleted all data on the remote locations. I’m currently in the middle of a subsequent sync, which seems to be re-uploading all data. Will this upload be fully encrypted?

I’m glad someone is happy :confused: :wink:

Er, might want to try importing from that store and seeing if all of your data is there. “Quick” does not usually describe syncing to Dropbox.

Yeah, you’re Doing It Right™. This is a change that affects the store, so it’s all-or-nothing, breaks backward compatibility, etc.

Good to know, thanks again!