Devonthink and Evernote

I’m trying to more fully integrate my iPad into my workflow and have just started sending web clippings to Evernote, and then subsequently using the DT script to import Evernote items into DTPro.

It appears that as Evernote “evolved” some DT imports consist of the EV link with the corresponding text or webpage appearing as an attachment; you must click on the link in the browser to view the article.

Consequently, DT never indexes the text of the article and all of the AI features of DT are lost. Have others experienced this? Is their a better way to get articles read on the iPad into DT?

Which script do you actually use? DEVONthink is able to import notes from Evernote without additional scripts (see menu File > Import).


In fact, that is the procedure I follow.

More information here would be helpful. How are you defining a “web clipping” – a bookmark, a snippet of text, the site URL, something else? And how are you “sending … to Evernote”? From iOS Safari? Using Workflow, or Clips, or some other 3rd party service?

Over here, I’ve never seen an Evernote note imported to DEVONthink (via File > Import > Notes from Evernote…) with an attachment. What do these notes look like in Evernote desktop? Everthing imported over here from Evernote has the Evernote URL assigned to it in the URL bar of that file (evernote:///view/239650/s3/4d790d12-c50…) and clicking that URL in DEVONthink opens the note in Evernote desktop.

As you know, DEVONthink’s AI works with the text it knows about – DEVONthink never drills down into URLs inside documents to gather text from those target pages. Any text you see in an imported Evernote document should be available to Search, Classify, etc. Is that not happening for you?


Yes, that’s what I see on most Evernote imports. I was calling the opened note an “attachment” as it not directly visible in the DT browser as items grabbed by the DT widget.

This is what I was referring to, the text visible when clicking on the EV URL is not available to Search. I tested this by entering exact text from the EV clipped material and it was not found.

Is there a script or function that allows evernote and DTP to sync notes. Or at least Changes in an Evernote note are automatically imported or updated in DTP?

Would be very useful.

No, there’s not. Evernote is a very closed system and are known for making changes that break scripted solutions.