DEVONthink and OneDrive - need more advice

Yo! I’ve recently begun using OneDrive extensively (primarily spurred on by work, but now that I’ve got it going on all of my devices I use it as a default), and wanted to figure out how to keep DEVONthink and OneDrive synced. I found this article:

I contacted SME about how I would go about keeping everything synced and got this response:

The SME Mac tools include a sync feature which allows you to setup a two way sync between a local and cloud directory.

You could set up a sync between your OneDrive and Devonthink network drive.

However, syncing to network drives is not something that we recommend.

If the network drive is disconnected, it is possible that the sync tool will remove existing data from the cloud.

Please let us know if this answers your query.

Is there another alternative for SME that you guys would recommend, or is their concern about syncing network drives not really valid for DEVONthink for some reason?

Thanks in advance for any info or tips!

This is how I do it:

  1. I have a desktop iMac and a MacBook Air for on the road.
  2. I sync OneDrive to the same location on each using the OneDrive desktop app (in the Mac App Store).
  3. I use the default OneDrive location, which is created in my Home folder.
  4. I Index this folder in DT3 on both Macs

With this setup, whichever Mac I use to work with OneDrive, the sync is maintained.

Points to note:

A. DO NOT put your Onedrive desktop folder in iCloud Drive. The iCloud sync will create conflicts with the OneDrive sync and you’ll get duplicated files and inconsistencies.

B. DTTG on IOS will allow you access to the OneDrive files on the go - if you update on (say) an iPad in DTTG, it will sync back to DT on the desktop which will in turn sync back to your OneDrive folder

C. This all works because my OneDrive sync folder is on direct-connect disks - I would NOT try this with a network drive

Hope that helps


Sorry to reopen this old thread. But just to clarify what you just posted above. Are the separate instances of Devonthink on the two separate computers running separate databases, both indexing OneDrive?

Or are you running a database sync on devonthink so that there is only one DT3 database, on both computers, both indexing the OneDrive.


Hi - apology not necessary.

I’m running a synced database. Whichever instance of DT I’m using at any time is able to access the local OneDrive folder to index it. I’d expect this to work the same way if I were using 2 separate (not synced) DT databases. Assuming OneDrive sync is working, either database can index its local OneDrive and any changes made will be reflected (via OneDrive sync and DT index in the other.

I hope that makes sense