DEVONthink and sorting

Unless I missed an important setting somewhere, there is only one sorting scheme that applies to all levels of a database. So, for example, if I have a group in which I collect images, web clips, random documents, etc., all with a date prefix (e.g. “2017-09-01 DEVONthink forum post.pdf”), I would like to see all the files in this group appear sorted by name. If I do that, then all the groups in the left tab get also sorted by name, and the Inbox group doesn’t appear on top anymore, where I like it to be.

Ideally, there should be a “sort by” setting for each group. At the very least, there should be different sorting choices for the top level of the library and for user-created groups.



Each group can be sorted independently. What view are you using?

Tip: Don’t select the group name (e.g., in the Groups pane 3-pane view) and set the sort parameter, because this will sort all groups.

Instead: select all the items within a group and choose the Sort parameter from the View or Contextual menu.

Thanks Korm

I did not understand the granularity of the “sort” function :astonished:

Thank you korm. I didn’t understand how sorting worked either. This being said, it does not sort the elements in the list view, only in that right-side pane where all the elements appear in (to answer BLUEFROG question, I operate almost exclusively in “Split” view).


Thank you for the reply.

I am in “Split” view. I believe that I follow korm’s directions: I click on a group in the list pane. Any “sort by” choice I make selecting elements in the list pane applies to the entire list pane. Now, if I click on a group in the list pane and then select the group’s elements in that right pane, I can indeed sort them in that pane, but this is only marginally useful to me. I really would like elements in the list pane to be listed according to different criteria.