Devonthink and Zettelkasten

I’m curious if many are actually using Devonthink’s capabilities as a Zettelkasten, or do people here tend to use a third-party app for that and index files (e.g. Obsidian)? It sounds attractive to simplify and stay within the DT realm. Yes, maybe even using the DT item linking as the primary linking tool over Wikilinks in a Zettelkasten.

What are your thoughts and experiences?


I’m not a Zettelkasten fan, but it seems quite easy to implement the requirements in Devonthink
I prefer DT item linking


DT is an excellent platform for this. I tend to use item links though, and if I create a wikilinks e.g. using [[namefile]] syntax, will convert all to item links when finished with that file. Thats because item links are more robust e.g. still work if change name of file, work across databases (not just within database), and also work on iOS. The link inspector is also very useful to reveal incoming and outgoing links.

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am using DT for my (still rudimentary yet steadliy growing) zettelkasten. having a one stop shop for all my data / document based process and correlation needs is highly valuable for me. I did try obsidian for a while, mostly for its graph view, but after discovering @benoit.pointet graph view script gladly deleted it and reverted to DT only…oh and all linking is based on item links for me…


DT has everything (plus several other options) required to create and manage Zettelkasten or any other PKM method.