DevonThink app for iPad, sync and database size

Hello good!

I am testing devonthink for mac.
The iPad works as follows: I can choose to have the database fully synchronized or on demand. This option is good for not taking up all the space on the iPad.
If I choose totally then the entire BD will be downloaded to the iPad. If I choose on demand then I can only see the content of the files if in each one of them I press “Download”. OKAY.

What I do not know if it would be as improvement is the operation of synchronization of Evernote on the iPad. Evernote doesn’t even give you to choose these two options, I’m not sure how it does it but it works.
In Evernote for iPad I can always see all the images but it doesn’t take up as much space. It seems that Evernote stores on iPad as I go through the notes (without having to press download) and at the same time lets me see all the files. This means that it does not take up so much iPad storage and at the same time I have to avoid pressing “Download” in each document.

Would this be an upgrade request?

All the best!

Evernote maintains a temporary cache for recent note data
Don’t count on it being there when you need it