DEVONthink as a RSS Reader


I’m currently evaluating DEVONthink as a central place for all of my knowledge, and research and development. So, I’m evaluating to use DT to read my RSS feeds (about 200 feeds organized by categories).

When I import my OPML in DT, it creates a folder for each category. By category, I have about 10 or 20 feeds. So I want to be able when clicking on the category folder to have all items of each subscriptions of this category as a summary (like Google Reader does). Is it a way to do that with DT?



No. The only workaround is to store all feeds in one group and to create a smart group displaying all (unread) items inside this group. E.g. use the settings…

Search in:
Kind is Any Content
Unread is On

What’s the reason for explicitly specifying that criteria? Isn’t “Any Content” the default Kind in a Smart Group?

No. By default smart groups return all kinds whereas “Any Content” excludes groups/feeds.

Ahha! Maybe that’s an explanation for why Kind is Any Content has an influence on Smart Group disclosure triangles. Without that criteria, the SG could include groups and the disclosure triangle indicates that.

That’s right.

Thanks, this workaround works great!

In the meantime, I found other workaround. This one is to share each folder on Google Reader and subscribe to each shared folder feed. Or use a service (Yahoo Pipes) or custom script (SimplePie) to create new custom feeds for each categories.

Maybe, it would be usefull if this feature, summarize of folder, could be implemented in the future.



I’m still trying to figure out how to share GR Starred items as a feed, if that’s even possible.

Aside: What’s the plural of “criteria,” a word that’s been bandied about around here?

Oh, I forgot. Criteria, like media and data, is already plural. Singular forms are criterion, medium, and datum.

Back to our regularly-scheduled programming… :smiling_imp:

In Google Reader, go to “Settings”, under “Folders and Tags”, click the icon in front of the word “private” in right of “Your starred items”. The word becomes public and orange. Click on “View public page site” and you will get a page with an access to the RSS feed.



Thanks, Julien. I’d already figured that out but was looking for a way to make access to Starred items more restricted, e.g. via Shared items, since I’d rather not share that feed with the general public. Sorry for not making that privacy intention clear in my original post.