DEVONthink as an aid for someone with cognitive impairment?

We’re glad to have you here, paying customer or not. :slight_smile:


The files are organized in a database but are accessible in their “normal” file format within the finder. You can also find them with every search engine working within the finder.
The only “downside” might be that the files are organized within their finder folders in a rather “wild” way. I never understood this, but as I do not need the structure there, I do not really care.


It’s true, imported files can be accessed via Finder
however this access method is missing the folder and tag metadata

Indexed files are stored with folder and tag metadata intact


But you are aware of the many problems indexed files could cause if you do not handle them properly, are you?

I generally do not recommend using DT with indexed files, even if there are special cases where that might be necessary for single users.
But if you want a hazel-free system and the ability to handle your files within DT without continuously considering what might happen to the index and the connection with the indexed file, I would never use indexed files with DT!


Yeah I don’t think my bud knew that and I really didn’t realize this until sometime last night as I was working through the manual and other notes I made around this forum. I am pretty slow regarding some things even prior to my head injury!

Not sure what I was thinking regarding what I was going to do after importing files. I think I was considering keeping copies outside of DT (I realize there are use cases for this) and then over time bringing some more traditional folder structure to them, while I enjoyed quick wins in DT and over time more emergent pattern recognition also within DT.

Then I realized last night, I can also just import and not manage those files outside of DT. In fact, I do not necessarily need them at all . . .

Mindblown moment.

Since then I have had a few more of those.

Indeed! While the choice to keep the unrelated originals in the Finder depends on the specific circumstance, you don’t need to keep them.


The only “downside” might be that the files are organized within their finder folders in a rather “wild” way.

I hope you’re not getting into the database’s internals to access the files. That is not a good idea.

In that case, you should immediately delete the Menu item “Show in Finder” (or however it is named in the English version) from your App because you are endangering your customers’ databases with it!

That command is actually for use with indexed files or in troubleshooting situations.

Why would you need to get inside the database?

I regard the show in finder function as sort of a safety net. I can’t say I wouldn’t use Devonthink if it hid my data in a database, but I can say that’s one of the reasons I stopped using certain other products.

If Devonthink didn’t have the reveal feature, the basic nature of DT would still allow direct access to files, just with less guidance. Disaster recovery would be a little more difficult.

I guess. I’ve never had a disaster with Devonthink.

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I’m not going to try and hack the database
My backups include a full export of my data using