DevonThink as an Evernote Replacement

So, I’m experimenting with DTTG and DevonThink Professional as an alternative to Evernote. My question is, is there any way to view documents in DTTG while online without actually downloading them to the mobile device storage?

If not, this seems totally impractical as DTTG will inevitably become a massive storage hog. :frowning:

First, for the price of admission, Evernote sells you time on their web servers to view your content. DEVONtech does not have a web server product to sell you (other than the minimalist server built into DEVONthink Pro Office – but that runs on your hardware not someone else’s). Second, is it really necessary to have “massive” amounts of your data on your iDevice all the time? Sort of like packing everything you own before you go on an overnight trip.

Consider using more databases, topically oriented (broad topics), and sync the ones you are working with at the time.

I agree with Korm, but would like point out that Evernote also downloads those files to your device as well, but has an automatic purging set which you cannot change. DTTG allows you to auto purge and is set by yourself not the app, but you also have the option to purge on a case by case basis by swiping on the item tapping ‘More’ then tapping ‘Purge’. I personally prefer to keep all documents on my device and purge on a case by case basis, whereas you have little control in Evernote.

That purge option would be perfect (if you mean that it would remove it from the mobile device but not all synced sources), but I only see options to Move, Replicate, Duplicate, or Convert. No Purge.

To be able to purge a file, the database needs to be set to On Demand, go to the root level of the database in DTTG and tap on the Info Button at the bottom, then tap On demand so that it is highlighted. The purge option will then appear.

Ah! That did it. Thanks. Odd, because I had it set to On Demand in the DropBox location settings under Sync, which I would have thought would cover it.

In any case, as long as I have the option to purge files I’m not using and (re-)download as needed, this becomes much more realistic as an Evernote replacement for me.

The SyncStore options are defaults, meaning all new databases you add the SyncStore will be On demand, therefore (probably by accident) you tapped always in that database’s Info panel.
I also have my default set to On demand, but I have one database that I have set to Always as I don’t want to wait for a document to download from that particular database.