DevonThink as Company Knowledge Base - Any Tips or Lessons Learned?

Apologies if this has been posted before - I have not been able to locate an applicable topic.

As we grow, I’m contemplating “opening up” the knowledge base I’ve been curating in DT3 via DT3 Server. If you have used DT3 Server to share your company’s knowledge base with non-DT3 or non-Mac colleagues, I’d greatly appreciate any thoughts on these questions:

  • What did you wish you had considered (in particular to using DT3 Server) before implementing your knowledge base?
  • Pointers for onboarding colleagues, etc. as consumers / viewers.
  • How many editors? We may need to have 3 to 4 in the next year (including me).
  • Pointers for training in editors.
  • If you tried other solutions, what were they and why did you choose DT3?
  • If there were sync issues, how easily were they resolved? E.g., two collegues were working on the same document.

Most of our staff are on Chromebooks or PCs. Most of the curators would be using DT3 on their Macs though sometimes one or two might use DTTG.

Thank you in advance!

Most of our staff are on Chromebooks or PCs.

Start off by buying those poor people Macs!

@rkaplan: I think this may be in your wheelhouse, from a real-world POV.

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Preface: I rely on DT3 and DT3 server daily (as in 365/24/7) in my small organization which is a professional consulting practice in which I am the principal and I have 4-5 team members who help with administrative functions. I know of no software which would let me be nearly as efficient as DT3; so I am a huge fan.

That said, It may help if you give us a bit more context of what sort of documents you have in DT3, how often they change, and what the nature of your overall organization is.

That said, from only the limited information you are providing, I am not sure DT3 server would be ideal. As least from my perspective, DT3 server handles two functions well:

(1) Occasional (but not regular) access to a document when you find yourself away from your usual DT-equipped Mac computers

(2) A means for staff to upload documents to DT3 when those staff may be non-Mac users

That said, while DT3 server works fine for administrative staff to upload documents or perhaps to occasionally download a document, it is not a very good option for anyone who (a) regularly downloads/reads documents; or (b) Anyone who is a content author in DT3 beyond simply uploading 3rd party documents.

If the 3-4 editors whom you plan to collaborate with are truly editors, i.e. they will be creating content in DT3 just as you do, then I suggest that each of them gets a Mac and that you sync the relevant data among you and the other editors. I doubt they will be happy with DT3 web as a means to truly collaborate with you.