DevonThink at Startup Problem

Hi there,

I figured I’d ask in the forums instead of emailing for help first, as perhaps this pertains to other people as well.

I’m not sure why, but DevonThink is opening at startup, which is a problem for me as even though I use it regularly, I don’t want to always have it open all the time.

I upgraded to Mavericks last night and it’s been happening since then. I did check the login items but it isn’t listed at all (DevonThink Sorter is set to open at startup, but that was always the case).

So, any suggestions on how I can fix this problem? Please let me know. And thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

It’s a glitch. The next maintenance update will fix it.

Doesn’t affect me, as I always have DEVONthink Pro Office open, anyway. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have to say that I usually have it open, but when I start up my machine, I like to have nothing open just as a preference (apart from some menu items and the DevonThink Sorter of course).

This is a problem for me, too, so I hope that maintenance update is coming soon. It’s especially irritating because, since my upgrade to Mavericks, DevonThink takes an eternity to open on startup. And because however wonderful the new memory management in Mavericks may be (too soon for me to judge for myself), with DT open Activity Monitor shows me using about 6MB of RAM (out of my 8 total) before I so much as touch the keyboard, and it shows the green “Memory Pressure” line at full length. (Other startup items are responsible for some of that memory usage, but DT is taking a big bite.)

For me, though, the problem began before upgrading to Mavericks. DT began launching on startup out of the blue a while back - maybe a week or so ago?

The sorter has also been behaving erratically, sometimes disappearing for no reason. Don’t know if there’s a connection.

Is there any way to disable DT’s automatic startup from the command line?

No. Just uncheck “Start Sorter at Login” from Preferences > Sorter then turn it on, manually from DEVONthink if you need it.

Update: I went to System Preferences and removed DevonThink Sorter from the list of login items in my account. That solved the automatic startup problem with DevonThink itself. :smiley:

I do rely heavily on the Sorter, though (precisely because I often don’t have DT itself open), so I’m still eager to see this problem fixed.

Looks like your advice and my update crossed in the ether. Now others with the problem have two ways to solve it.

Thanks for the quick reply. :smiley:

It’s a-comin’. Can’t say exactly when, but it’s on it’s way. Thanks for the patience. :smiley: