Devonthink auto export to obisidian or sync

Hello Everyone,

I have a specialized case. Even though I found a few cloud scripts for Devonthink, they aren’t as useful as the cloud section that serves as a heat map in Obsidian. I wish Devonthink had something inside of it that mirrored DevonAgent’s search map. I can’t seem to find one.

What I am looking for is simple yet seems complex to find hot topics.

I have hundreds of RSS feeds of constantly imported pages indexed into Devonthink. I am creating smart rules that move daily feeds into a weekly, monthly, and yearly feed folders.

The reason for this is, for example, if I begin my day to analyze the data streaming in. I want a map, similar to either Obisidians Graph or Devonagent’s graph that summarizes the data contextually by keywords.

This way, I can quickly identify the most relevant topics of any particular Day, Week, Month, or Year by reviewing its contextual folder’s heatmap graph.

This allows me to quickly ananlyze the keywords to use for an SEO-based blog, vlog, or stream, without having to pour over each article or pay an assistant to (hopefully dig) the suitable topics out.

I thought to import all the RSS feeds as MD files, then sync them to Obisidan as there is a built-in graph view, which quickly shows which terms are being used.

But after attempting the various tutorials to do so, it feels…janky.

I am open to alternatives as I like to keep things simple and streamlined. Too many applications dancing together, more than not, leads to hours of misused and sometimes dead-end rabbit holes - anti-time efficient.

I think DevonThink’s AI is superior to Obsidian’s, so if I could remain in Devonthink, that’s a viable option.

Is there a way to point Devonagent to explore only my RSS feeds? Would that accomplish the same thing?

I could easily script a macro utilizing chron to automate that process. I only need to know where to look.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

This requires the server edition of DEVONthink 3 and the plug-in DEVONthink Server in DEVONagent. However, the digest of DEVONagent doesn’t support timelines and the plug-in uses all the databases enabled in Preferences > Server > Users for the DEVONagent user.