Devonthink auto-update breaks install

So Devonthink notified me that an update was available. As I have done many times in the past, I clicked install and waited. After a while I noticed the app didn’t relaunch. When I tried a manual launch the app had a slash through it’s icon and said it can’t run on this version of Mac OS X.

I’m running leopard on a G5 Mac. Yes it’s old, but it is my work computer and this is what they provide me. I tried downloading directly from the website but that install didn’t work either. I looked in the legacy area on the Website and it only had version 1.x Finally I checked the trash and there was the old version - 2.3.5 and it reinstalled correctly. Everything seems fine.

I hope this is an isolated incident, but if you are running a system like mine, be careful.

Good tip. DEVON certainly needs to add the 2.3.x versions to the legacy downloads page.

Yes that would be good, but they also need to check their installer to see why it was able to install an Intel app on a PowerPC machine. That shouldn’t happen.