DevonThink Copy/Paste Utility

Hey there,

I’ve been using Flycut on my Mac for copy/pasting history. It’s a nice little free app which sits in your menu and gives you a drop down history of all your copies (Command-C) of text, which you can go back and re-paste. It’s tremendously useful and even logs it to a text file.

My question is: wouldn’t this be great to get for DT as well? I mean, imagine if DT has a utility like that and logs all copies to a database you create, so you can go back in time and search for URLs you copied/pasted, text snippets, etc… without having to drag them to the tray every time.

Just a thought. I really enjoy using Flycut, and it is free, but I could see DT gaining even greater functionality with something like this. :slight_smile: Not that it isn’t amazing already. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion! But I’m not sure if there’s a common need for such a feature as there are already several & free clipboard recorders available and…

…as it’s usually the job of services (e.g. Take Plain/Rich Note) to store interesting snippets/URLs.