DEVONthink crash when emptying Trash

Following a reorganisation of my databases whenever I try to empty the Trash, my DtPro crashes. This has been happening on a couple of Macs [where my dbases are synced, 10.9 & 10.8] so does not appear to be limited to a specific desktop.
Does anybody have any ideas of what to look for or how to proceed, please?
I have copied the crash log, for those who can decipher such events and the file is available here:

  1. Does this persist after a machine reboot?
  2. The Forums are not the ideal place for this level of support. Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks.

Yes, it does occur after reboot, and I will consider submitting a support ticket. I didn’t know whether this was something previously seen, and as I know the forums are full of experienced users often keen to help with such problems, I thought it was worth a post.