Devonthink crashed and database lost?

Looking for some advice here! I had spent a good number of hours working on 3 databases in DT. Just then, when I was trying to convert a PDF to a paginated PDF, it seemed to crash. I force quit and restarted DT. I received a message saying that the database was in use or DT hadn’t shut down properly last time. I clicked continue, but when I open DT everything is gone!! Any advice much appreciated!

EDIT: thankfully I was able to open the databases again from the “recent” menu. Phew!

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Now that you have the database back, take note of exactly where on your local disk this database (and any others that you have created) actually exist. See this information in the Database properties. Then, a good thing to do is locate the relevant folder in Finder, so that you really know where they are.

I keep my databases in ~\DEVONthink, a location which is routinely backed-up with numerous techniques.


Definitely. And have them backed up :slight_smile:

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