DEVONthink crashed and lost contact with databases

Today, during a rather intense session of highlights and notes on a (indexed) pdf, DEVONthink crashed. Restarting, the application told me that the database it was trying to open was already running, and asked me to continue anyway or cancel. As I continued neither of my two databases appeared inside anymore, and I had to reopen them manually from “File → Open Database…”. I did maintenance, optimization and integrity check, after which I resumed working but DT crashed again. I decided at this point to totally shut down my MacBook so I could be sure that no processes remained active. Much to my surprise after restarting, DT still warned me of “running database,” despite the fact that it was not possible (?). It did not happen again but it left me with a unsettling feeling. Can anyone explain to me what happened?

First point: please report crashes via the ticket system offered by DEVONtech, which you can access using the report bug entry in the help menu; you need to press the option key to be able to see this entry.

Second point: if DEVONthink crashes, the databases are not closed correctly, and are therefore marked as still in use. As you are quite sure they are not in use, you can - as you did - simply select to continue. DEVONthink will verify the databases in question at this point in time.

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