DevonThink Crashes creating markdown

Environment: DTPO 2.8.10
OSX 10.11.5

The following code causes DTPO to hang when executed:

tell application id "DNtp" to set res_group to create location "PinboardMD/data"
tell application id "DNtp"
	set myurl to ""
	set oNewRec to create Markdown from myurl in res_group
end tell

Other URLs seem to work perfectly but the above one causes a crash. Is this a bug or is there something that I can change to stop this happening.

Many Thanks


Depending on the network, the website and the load of the service used to create the markdown data, DEVONthink might be frozen for some time. However, a test was successful over here.

Hang confirmed. When run from Script Debugger, after DEVONthink hangs, is force-quit, and then restarts, Script Debugger throws this error:

The content ID and database ID are, of course, machine specific. The console also has a hang report – which has PII so I won’t post it here.

Korm, thanks for confirming my issue.

Christian, the issue I am having is that I have a script which takes all my Pinboard bookmarks and converts them into markdown records in DTPO but some links cause a DTPO to crash. Is it possible to detect a freeze situation and move onto the next bookmark for processing.



If it’s a network issue, then the request should time out after 60 seconds.

It doesn’t appear to be timing out, it just crashes DTPO. I have tried putting the ```

create Markdown

Do you have any suggestion to avoid this.

Many Thanks


I am not seeing any issue with the script. In fact, it captured the data quite quickly.

Here, rendering the Markdown is freezing DEVONthink, not the script.
Process Sample attached

(On a side note: I don’t know if you are aware you are calling DEVONthink twice unnecessarily.) (97.7 KB)


Is there a way to trap the freezing error so that the script can continue.

Re calling DEVONthink twice: I realise the example I posted did that - I had just copied the relevant pieces of code from a larger script.