DevonThink data on iPhone

What I would like to have: access to all my DevonThink data anywhere on my iPhone of MacBook - not just from within wifi.
Any solution visible?

I’ve written a script which connects to the iPhone via Wi-fi / WebDAV and exports all chosen groups documents from Dt to the iPhone disk using the internal DT export files&folders feature.

One issue here: for the export you must have an iPhone app which makes the iPhone visible in the local wifi network as a WebDAV device (see AirSharing in the appstore).

And there’s one disadvantage: it’s not a sync. The export exports ALL the documents, every time, no matter if something changed or did not. But I’ve already got an idea for that, stay tuned.

If you want me to, I’ll paste the script here this evening.

Please do!

That’s not an ‘easy’ solution but I’ll try to describe it.

First you have to install a WebDAV-enabling application on your iPhone. Please start it.

Check the name of your iPhone in wifi, it should be displayed as Bonjour name (you can go to Safari, open Bookmarks, choose Bonjour on the left). Mine is: iPhone-Bartka-B.local

Then check the port number which is used by the WebDAV server of your iPhone application. In case of AirSharing it’s the 8080 number.

Change the parameters of your phone name and the port number at the beginning of the script below.

Two next settings in the script are: database name and root folder name.

Please set the database name to the name of your database to export.
Then set the name of the folder which will be exported to your iPhone (including contents - subfolders, subdocuments) .

Hint: it doesn’t have to be a real folder. It can be a smart group which, for example, contains all folders labeled with red. You can use your imagination :slight_smile: In my setup I simply have a smart group called ‘iPhone’ which contains all documents/groups labeled with ‘iPhone’ label.

That’s it. Here’s the script.

set phoneName to "iPhone-Bartka-B.local"
set portNumber to "8080"

set dbName to "Private"
set recordName to "iPhone"

	do shell script "mkdir /Volumes/" & phoneName
	do shell script "mount_webdav -S http://" & phoneName & ":" & portNumber & " /Volumes/" & phoneName
	do shell script "rm -R /Volumes/" & phoneName & "/DEVONthink"
	do shell script "mkdir /Volumes/" & phoneName & "/DEVONthink"
end try

tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
	set db to database dbName
	set grp to record recordName of db
	repeat with subgrp in children of grp
		export record subgrp to "/Volumes/" & phoneName & "/DEVONthink"
	end repeat
end tell

You can start it after starting the iPhone WebDAV application. It will only work then.

Why not keep the data in MobileMe and DevonThink enables me to have access to the data?

Perhaps because the MobileMe iDisk is slower than a snail?

that’s what I do, too - but indeed, MobileMe is slow. although faster than the old .Mac account (or maybe I’ve got a better internet connection than in the past :wink:

on the other hand you can access your MobileMe account using some third-party applications like OneDisk on your iPhone. or with the upcoming iDisk application from Apple. that’s gonna be nice :slight_smile:

did anybody test the synchronization of your local database to MobileMe with iDisk synchronization and DT 2.0? I haven’t got a chance yet.

It would be nice to be able to use iDisk … but here in Sweden it’s unusable, a few days ago I did a sync of documents on my machine and iDisk and it took approx 45 minutes to copy 5MB !!!

my last tests with uploads (few weeks ago) show that I get about 50-80 KB/sec when uploading something to iDisk - from Poland