DevonThink DataBase File Integrity Verification?

DevonThink File Integrity Verification would be;
DevonThink Verifies Files against File Checksums, to Verify whether File corruption has occurred.

Wanting to be able to Run DevonThink File Integrity Verification, prior to Copy/Sync [not DevonThink BackUp&Optimize] to another DataBase. Do not want to copy/sync corrupt Files.

1/ Does DevonThink Pro include DataBase File Integrity Verification? How?
2/ What specifically does DevonThink Pro “Tools > Verify & Repair”; Verify and Repair?


07AUG2013 Update:
Thanks to DEVONthink for confirming the following via Support Ticket # 817131:
1/ File Checksums not used
2/ “checksums of Files aren’t verified”

Support Ticket #817131, DEVONthink “Tool>Verify&Repair”
Dear **** ******,

the recognition of duplicates doesn’t use a strict checksum comparison right now but a fuzzy comparison instead, therefore e.g. documents in various formats containing the same text are recognized as duplicates.

Verify & Repair checks the integrity of the search index and metadata storage and that required files exist but checksums of files aren’t verified.

We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not …

The Tools > Verify & Repair routine checks for database errors. It can repair some minor errors. If errors remain, it’s time for Tools > Database Rebuild.