Devonthink database name on different machines.

I would like to use Devonthink on my laptop as well as my desktop. I am trying to work my way through how to get the synchronization to work
Is it better if each machine has a unique name for the database? I am using Dropbox as the location for the Devonthink store.


No. And if you’ve created a database with the same name on each machine, they will not sync with each other.

You just add the same sync location in DTPO on the second Mac, using the same account, same Store Name, and same encryption key (if specified). Importable database will be shown in the Remote section with the sync location selected. Right-click a database there and choose Import Database, saving it to a safe location. (We strongly advocate a folder in your home directory, like ~/Databases). Repeat as needed.

Thank You
that is very helpful

But that does mean I will end up with copies of the database on two machines.
If DTPO is only open on one machine at a time I presume that means the database file remains synched. Can the database be opened on both machines at once or will I be prompted to close it on one or the other before working with it?

Yes, you will have a copy on each machine. That’s how DEVONthink and sync works. Each machine has its own copy and no, they don’t affect each other. Each machine is an independent environment.