Devonthink Database readable for the family

. . . but only in read-only mode.

My question is:
I would like to share one or more DT DBs with the members of my family. But only as a read-only repository. But I have no idea to realise this.
I’m working with a MacBook and I think to use iCloud space therefore could be a good idea???
The data should accessible with another MacBook and an iPad from where ever they are.

Please could give me anyone a concept to realise this idea?


I don’t think that’s possible. Simply because DT has no user management, so it wouldn’t “know” who’s accessing it.

Not with the Standard or Pro editions, anyway - DEVONthink Server effectively offers the functionality the OP is looking for, though; it would need to be set up on a device available from outside the LAN though, if “accessible […] from wherever they are” means just that. So no small undertaking.


And don’t forget the investment involved too. It certainly may be worth it to specific individuals but Server is generally used in business and academia.