Devonthink Dates Wrong in HoudaSpot Search

HoudaSpot is an impressive program for searching all sorts of data on your Mac. It appears to work well with Devonthink if you create a Spotlight Index to the relevant database. However the document dates are all incorrect - both created and modified. I am not certain but I suspect the dates shown are the dates that spotlight indexed the document rather than the document date shown within DT3.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Did I configure something wrong? Is this a DT3 bug? Or is this a Houdahspot bug?

I think you should provide some evidence of the differences you see.




Thank you - that works!

The fields I was looking for were “Content Created” or “Content Modified.”

And as the article points out, the Inspector panel in Houdaspot makes this more clear.

Sorry. I misunderstood the original post.

Your post was very helpful - the template you referred to pointed out the correct fields I needed to use - “Content Created” rather than “Date Created.”

No need to delete the post - that was a good blog post.