DEVONthink + DEVONagent = INSANE for web research

I’ve been using DT & DA for a few years now, always increasing my usage and learning new things. I’ve recently reached a point where things seem to have clicked a bit and I feel like I’ve leveled up my usage in a big way. I thought I’d share…

My research process involves reading LOTS of internet discussion forums and synthesizing the information I find. Specifically, it looks like:

  1. Find discussion forums
  2. Identify key words
  3. Search for threads
  4. Select threads to study in detail later
  5. Study the threads in detail

DT and DA is a killer combo for this. Some details:

  1. Find discussion forums - no surprise here that DA is awesome. Do a deep web search for the kind of forums you want, delete anything that doesn’t look good, add bookmarks to DEVONthink.

  2. Identify key words - DA and DT are both helpful here. DA with its topic map, and DT with its concordance.

  3. Search for threads - With a list of discussion forums, and a list of keywords, DA becomes a powerhouse. Create a plugin for each discussion forum, and then just do searches with keywords. My search set filters out previously found results so I’m not constantly looking at the same things. I add these results as bookmarks to a different database… the first database is just for generating keywords. This database is for threads I think may actually have useful information.

At this point, DA and DT is already a winning combination. But here’s the part that really blows my mind…

  1. Select threads to study in detail later - with a list of threads identified, you can load them back into DEVONagent as a search set. Just select your bookmarks, copy, and paste into the Sites tab of a new search set. DA will automatically set them to “crawl”. Now do your search (and secondary search!!) and DA will pull down the latest versions of them automatically.


Now all that’s left to do is read the relevant threads and make sense of them… DEVONtech can’t do all the work :wink:

I am LOVING the bookmarks in DB and reloading them into DA approach. I used to have TONS of documents in my databases collected from the web… and it just felt cluttered and not very high quality. Plus it takes up a lot of space. But by capturing bookmarks in DT, and then gradually refining the list using DA, I can zoom in on exactly the stuff I’m looking for. It’s simply incredible.

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Wow! Thanks for the kind words as well as the explanation of some of what you’re doing. Encouraging and helpful. Cheers!

Yes, excellent posting, thanks padillac. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this.

I’ve bookmarked this thread as something to come back to when the time is right.

Had DA for a while now, but have been battling to understand how to incorporate into my daily use of DTPO…

This has given me some food for thought!

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This is great – thanks!

DEVONagent needs more attention in this forum – more sharing of use cases and workflows like @padillac did.

Thanks for sharing such a detailed usage scenario which may also be applied to me. :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your tips. This must be the worlds best forum!

I just started playing with DevonAgent last week and integration with DTPO seems to be excellent.