DevonThink doesn't seem to download all articles in RSS feed. Any fix?


I’m currently experimenting with DevonThink’s RSS capabilities to evaluate, whether it can fully replace Inoreader for my needs.

One issue I’m running up against is that for the exact same feed URL, Inoreader displays way more articles into the past than DevonThink does. I added some feeds on the same day to both DT and Inoreader for testing purposes, so the issue is definitely not that the feed does not contain the articles. DT simply doesn’t seem to download them.

This can be reproduced for different feeds. Here’s one example:

Is there any way to get DevonThink to download all articles contained in a feed? Or maybe I’m overlooking something?

Thanks in advance for any input.

RSS feed only contains X back items. DT reads those, and across time, if you don’t delete them or not set to auto delete, you will accumulate them. But DT cannot get older items if they are out of the RSS feed at the moment you add it.

Inoreader has a global internal database to retain older items when a new user adds the feed into his account. I don’t know how back-in-time their retention is, but is the difference between a 50€/year RSS only application and All-In-One-One-Pay DT.


Thanks, that explains it.

After doing some digging, I found a service that may be of interest to others here:

It generates a new feed URL for a given RSS feed, which can then be used to download the full feed. After some limited testing this has worked well so far for the feeds I tested; all past articles were included.

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