Devonthink & Dropbox

I have two databases I use in my Devonthink configuration. They both are directories in my file structure, both of which are in my Dropbox directory. Dropbox recently changed the location of their directory. While most of my apps made it through that change, my DT configuration did not. How can I change the directory in these two databases, or do I need to create two new databases pointing and indexing these new directory locations?

Thanks for your help.


The path of the indexed groups can be changed via the Path popup menu of the Info > General inspector.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Thank you!

Normally, putting DEVONthink in a sync-ed folder could lead to corruption and is not recommended by DEVONtechnologies, AFAIK. While I have not recently tried this, I’m led to believe that if you try to create a DEVONthink database in a synch-ed folder, the app won’t let you or at least warn you. As you don’t mention issues with corruption, I guess you aren’t seeing that, but just to let you know that is a risk if in fact the databases are as you hint.

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Yes, can you clarify you don’t have your databases in a Dropbox folder? Thanks.

No, my Devonthink database files are not in Dropbox. Two of my not-in-Dropbox databases do in fact point to directories in my larger Dropbox structure. Until Drobbox migrated itself to a different directory, this had worked for several years without sign of corruption. It appears to be back to its brilliant self after updating the path to the indexed directories.

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Excellent! Thanks for the follow-up :slight_smile: