DevonThink for Expenses

I’m searching for the perfect solution for all of my document management needs. I’m a bit frustrated, though. I’ve purchased: DevonThink, Paperless, and NeatWorks. I’ve looked at trial versions of Yep, YoJimbo.

DevonThink would be almost perfect if it had a concept of customizable attributes used for expenses. For instance, a “Category” attribute that I could enter something like “Phone” or “Mileage” into. And there might be a “Vendor” attribute that I could plug in whom I bought what from.

So, I really want key/value pairs associated with DevonThink items that I want to categorize as expenses.

Does anyone know of a good way to do this?

Thanks in advance!

Take a look at DEVONthink’s Sheets, a spreadsheet-like document type that has columns and rows and can do simple math. Sheets can be exported in a text format readable by Excel, for example. Likewise, Excel sheets can be exported as text files that are readable in DEVONthink as Sheets.

Thanks. I just checked it out and while it allows me to create a new data element that contains columns, I can’t associate that with a PDF in a streamlined manner. Or I don’t think that I can.

Sheet cells are plain text, so clickable hyperlinks would be a problem.

A workaround would be to “associate” the PDF by entering its Name into a cell. Then you can later do a search for that document by copying the Name to the clipboard and entering it as a search query.

Bill, could you please advise me about simple math with sheets? I have not found anything about this topic. It is possibble for instance to have a total of a column?
Thank you

Can I ask what it is you’re trying to achieve? What information are you trying to retrieve at the end of the day?

Open a Sheet in its own window. Choose View > Customize Toolbar and add Scripts.

Select a column and choose Scripts > Sheets > Column Sum & Mean Value. The Sum will be displayed.

Although I often use a Sheet to display data in tabular form, when it comes to doing calculations on the results I’ll export the Sheet to a true spreadsheet such as Excel and do the number crunching there. If the data is especially related to number crunching, I’ll start by creating an Excel sheet within the database to hold it, rather than a Sheet. Or a Numbers sheet.

Thank you for your quick answer and the explanation. I thought that it could have been possible to add a calculation on a cell on the column or the row. For this you really need Excel or Numbers.
Thank you anyway.
Have a nice day.