Devonthink for Physiotherapy Clinic

Hi Guys,
I have a Physio clinic (Physical Therapy to you in North America!) in Sydney which currently runs on PCs for our electronic patient records.
We are keen to make the leap to using Mac based option and I think DT and DTTG could work. I have mainly used PCs but have husband in film industry who only uses Macs and his computer always works better and lasts longer than mine. So I think the whole Mac thing might be a good longer term option.

We would want to have an iMac at front desk with DT on it and then use 5 iPads to sync with over wifi which each physio would use while treating patients.

So a few questions:
-Is Devonthink good for medical records?
-Can we do billing via devonthink? Only needs to be able to spit out invoices/reciepts for patients - doens’t need to connect to insurers etc.
-Can one iMac be used with multiple iPads to sync with?
-is there anyone in Sydney who can help with Devonthink?

That’s the basic stuff - then into the idea of having a database we can access from home on the iPads - is this possible/easy/secure?

Thanks for your help,

DTP or DTPO would work as a database in terms of storing records and there is a DevonThink to Go app; however, you may want to also look at Daylite/Billings combination, which would let you maintain patient/client records, contacts with patient/clients, link documents, and invoice. Daylite server allows you to work from out of the office and multiple seats allow for your physiotherapists to access records, etc. I actually use a combination of DTPO/Daylite/Billings.

You might check and see what the regulatory requirements are, too. Here in the US, I think there are special certification requirements for applications used for medical records.