Devonthink forgets its license information

Over the past week my copy of DevonThink Pro keeps telling me that I need to purchase a new license. I go to my account page, copy the license information and register it again. Everything seems fine.

And then a few days later, the process repeats.

Is this a known issue?

Which version of DEVONthink and macOS do you use? And which Mac model?

MacOS 11.2.2 and Devonthink (pro) 3.6.2
MacBook Pro 2019 (intel)

Have you rebooted the machine recently?

I have. (When I updated to 11.2.2 and then subsequently.) The license was still unregistered after the reboots.

The one thing that seems to have happened at roughly the same time was the installation of a mail bundle that detects spy pixels. (That seems to have lagged my mail app - and it was installed at about the same time the license issue started.) I’ve uninstalled the bundle, mail seems back to normal, re-registered Devonthink and so far, so good. (Devonthink was opening with out remembering the previous state of the databases as well.)

Interesting. Hopefully it continues to behave. Thanks for the info!

I am having a similar issue. I am running DT3 on my work MBA and my personal MBP (both intel). My MBP has now forgotten it’s license twice now (twice in the last 5 days too so I’m stuck in demo mode for a day or two. I am running Mac OS 11.4 and DT3 3.7.2

Did you upgrade or reinstall macOS lately or change the boot volume?

If I did, it would only have been a minor update of the OS. It’s possible one device updated and then a couple days later the other one did, too. But I’m 95% sure it was the same device that was forgotten.