Devonthink Hangs at End of Sync

I have DT Pro Office running the Sync on three computers to one very large database. Haven’t yet been able to get this to work, as the Sync (which is working with Dropbox) hangs at the end of the Sync process. I’ve removed what I thought was a problematic file, however, that hasn’t resolved the issue.

Anyone having similar issues or been able to resolve this?



Here’s a similar problem I had:

When the app is hung…

  1. In the Finder, press command-Shift-G and paste: /Applications/Utilities/Activity Double-click to open.
  2. Find DEVONthink and press the Sample Process button.
  3. When it is finished, save the results and attach it to when you submit your feedback per page 7 of the README supplied in the ZIP file for the public beta.