Devonthink + Hazel + DropBox

Somebody I showed this to in the office thought the Devonthink user community might find it useful. Here we go:

I’ve created a folder on Dropbox called “OCR > Devonthink”. Next, on my home iMac, I created an Automator workflow which executes the Devonthink OCR automator workflow. I then fire up Hazel and attach a script to the folder.
ocr to devonthink.tiff (86.7 KB)

When files are added to the folder, Hazel: 1) executes the Devonthink OCR rule; 2) moves the old PDF to a folder called ‘Archive’; 3) organises the old PDF in dated subfolders; 4) runs a Growl notification which confirms the completion of the workflow.

The beauty of this is as follows: my iMac runs at home all day but my ScanSnap is in the office. I scan PDFs at work and drop them into the “OCR > Devonthink” folder on DropBox. When I get home, the files have been OCR-ed and added to my Devonthink DB and filed coherently for saving or deleting later.


Another great tip. Thanks!

C’est exactement ce qui me fallait !

Merci beaucoup. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I lost the ocr workflow or something went amiss. I used to have Hael monitor my ~/Downloads folder and when it encountered a PDF, execute the ocr workflow, which copied the pdf to DTPro Office and then copied my PDF to my Dropbox folder where I backup my PDF’s (but I think ocr workflow is corrupt or it just doesn’t run.)

Any thoughts on this? Where can I find the ocr.workflow as shown in this thread?

Thanks Dennis

This is quite an amazing workflow. Thanks for posting. Not sure I completely understand one step of the process. Could you please explain how to set up the Automator you describe as part of the workflow? Thanks a lot–I plan to implement something similar very soon.

Where can I find the OCR.workflow mentioned in OP?

I have DTPO trial version installed, but can’t find the workflow on my computer. Is it something that you created yourself, then maybe you don’t mind to share it ? :wink:

It’s just a matter of

  1. Start automator
  2. Drag OCR Items into the workflow (right-hand pane)
  3. Save as OCR.workflow

I’ve attached the workflow I just created. (39.3 KB)

Absolutely love this. Thank you for posting.

The one thing I’d love for this workflow to do is allow me to rename the file before running the OCR automator. I’ve tried to do that in the Hazel rule, but I get an error running the automator. I want to use the naming convention 2010_04-18-file name.

Is there some reason this Hazel rule isn’t working?