DevonThink Ignores iCab Archives

I have amassed around 14k iCab archive files on different research topics in the last 8 years and have given them all meaningful titles and sorted them dilligently into folders that are named and ordered according to my research projects. As a secondary order of classification I built a system of files and folder aliases that are named and ordered according to the Munich Universities Library Classification System. Thus I have acces to the data via the widely used systematics path and my own order of thinking. But that system gets unwieldy, just like a mp3 collection with properly named files and folders can´t cope with iTunes in the long run.

I just installed the demo, to let DevonThink scan my iCab-Archive folders and - Bummer! DevonThink ignores not a single file but all the iCab-Archives! :open_mouth:

iCab archives are absolutely indispensable for me, for with a simple “save as” command, they download a complete webpage with all bells and whistles as one distinct file. Is there any chance, this functionality can be added/enabled with DT or what are the prerequisites ?

Alexander Clauss of iCab is in Darmstadt and you are in Bietigheim-Bissingen, so communication should be easily possible if need be. Speaking of language, don´t you guys think it is time to add a German manual? I know Bietigheim-Bissingen prides itself of being down-to-earth and modern, so a German manual will definitely regale the autochtonous audience.

To return to the charge, what can I do about the iCab archives?
Thanks in advance


I can’t recall other requests for reading the contents of iCab archives, although I’m sure there are other users of iCab.

I just checked the iCab FAQ page and found this information:

Can I open iCab web archives with other browsers?
You can open them directly in iCab only. But because these archives are standard ZIP archives, you can extract the web archives with Stuffit Expander on the Mac, with PKZip on Windows or with unzip on Linux/Unix and on almost all other platforms as well. So the web archives of iCab can be used with other applications and platforms as well.
Note: If you plan to extract the files of these web archives later, you should use full and complete URLs whenever possible. That means you should open even if both do result in the same web page. iCab stores the original URL in web archives. But if the file name (here: index.html) is missing, applications like stuffit expander or PKZip can’t extract these files because of the missing filename. To be able to save a file on disk it must have a filename. If you don’t plan to extract these archives later, you don’t need to care about filenames. Please note that it is not always possible to add a filename to an URL if it is missing, and the filename is not always index.html (it’s the server which decides what to do when the filename is missing).”

You might experiment by copying your iCab archives into a "test’ folder and uncompressing them as recommended. I don’t know whether or not you may encounter problems with missing filenames.

By the way, Apple also provides a file format, Web Archives, for saving the complete contents of Web pages for offline viewing.

I had a very pleasant stay in Bietigheim-Bissingen last September, visiting Eric.

DEVONtechnologies is a small company and localization of user manuals does take some resources. One of these days, we hope. :slight_smile:

I note that iCab’s documentation is only available in German.

Even when developers live near each other, some resources would be needed for collaboration. I’m a bit concerned about the possibility that the filenames problem may be difficult to get around.

If you test decompress some iCab archives and then import the folders into DT Pro, let us know your experiences.