Devonthink in Sonoma - some quirks with View menu

I just switched to MacOS Sonoma 3rd public beta (from Ventura) and I noticed that sometimes I have a problem wth accessing specific menu like View, or even if I can access them I cannot pick any action (event those that aren’t grayed out).

I don’t know 100% sure if this is related to Sonoma or problem with sync (DT has problem with closing itself and on close it shows me percpetual “syncing” ).
The first time I noticed that I cannot open the view menu was when DT was trying to sync database with icloud; when I restarted the DT and finished the sync with bonjour everything was working again, but now I have problem with opening the “view” menu again even if there is no visible ongoing sync.

Still, I don’t exptect the developers to fix DT soon as it this my responsibility that I installed MacOS beta on my machine that I do my daily work, but I am curious if someone else observed similar behaviour?

EDIT: I am on version 3.9.2, the problem with accessing all menus is starting when I try to access “View” (items in other menus stop responding), I have closed all databases (only inbox is on).

while on sonoma, I was able 1 or 2 twice access “View” and even pick an option, but most of the time trying to access it blocks other functions, but DT is not crashing only menus like FIles or Edit stops responding (even if I can open and view them), I can browse files and databases as normal

We appreciate your sentiments here :heart: :slight_smile:

And yes, I’ve seen some bad behavior with menus in fullscreen on the public beta. Are you in fullscreen as well?


no, I am in split screen (actually 1/2 screen) but I am using tiling manager “Amethyst”, this behaviour still continues when I disabled it and restarted DT, but I didnt try restarting system yet)

The size of my laptop screen (13 inches) compared to my external monitor (34 inches) doesn’t seem to affect the accessibility of the “View” menu in DT in Sonoma. I’m able to open the View menu occasionally, but not consistently.

I use Bartender to manage my menu bar and hide some icons, but disabling it doesn’t change anything.

I’ll continue testing and update this thread if I notice any specific triggers that allow the View menu to be opened or not. For now, I can live with this quirkiness for a bit longer.

It`s a bug of Sonoma’s AppKit framework, the next release will include a workaround.

Yes same problem. Not running in full window view here either, just my regular split screen view. That is th only issue I’ve found so far, but I’m not a power user either.

Sonoma beta 6 doesn’t fix this yet.

The next release of DEVONthink will include a workaround (just in case that this shouldn’t be fixed by Apple).

In Spanish you can do the joke of “Sonoma y Gomorra” (Sodom and Gomorrah), because Sonoma sounds quite like Sodoma. BTW, since Catalina, there had been a lot of joke-names in Spanish with macOS names, and sadly it is a reflect of the poor last macOS versions quality.

You are assuming Apple is not going to resolve it… as they haven’t resolved a lot of things, like the epic Finder memory leak that was in one of the macOS versions, I don’t remember what version just now.


But at least there are now “stunning new screen savers” :grin:


Using MacOS last several years after using Linux OSes, I really started appreciating Linux :slight_smile: But MacOS has more interesting apps (like DT :slight_smile: )

Linux is way more accessible for programming etc. Or, as a friend once said: “Linux is good for you because you love to fiddle around.” OTOH, I lost most of the taste for that kind of fiddling…


Yes, I also choose MacOS to avoid hacking it (and also for the apps) …
But using Linux (Ubuntu) and MacOS I have a feeling that now more often than not the things just works in Linux (if there is an app for that or repo on github) and with MacOS is a constant struggle, and even system features in stable MacOS aren’t so reliable …

10 years ago was probably other way around … :slight_smile:

While I don’t have a solution to the problem of this thread I want to say thank you to everyone who is running the betas and reporting issues they’re seeing here. I know the DT devs are amazing and probably have experienced similar with their betas but to be able to see what may be on the horizon for OS upgrades and interoperability with DT -is valuable to me.

Thanks y’all.


The Finder memory leak was fixed in the first version of Ventura.

Yes, after a whole year of unresolved, from the first version of Monterey to the last of its updates, which indicates incredible carelessness and an intolerable insult to its users, that is, to you and me.



What do you want me to say? The solution to the problem was likely not easy as it involved not only Finder but Spotlight (see this discussion: Why Monterey’s Finder Find memory leak may not be fixed – The Eclectic Light Company).

I’m in the camp of it’s fixed and move on. Already have too many other things to worry about without holding grudges with Apple over bugs, not to mention it never affected me because I don’t ever use Finder to search.

I also don’t view things like this as an “intolerable insult”. Racism is an intolerable insult. Food insecurity is an intolerable insult. This is an operating system and a computer.


Just to note that this bug was not fixed in Sonoma dev beta 7 released yesterday. But @cgrunenberg will be happy that they released even more “stunning new screensavers”. 100+ new video wallpapers and screensavers to be exact.


The bug with “View” still persists in the Sonoma release candidate