Devonthink is expensive

DT is expensive, the update is expensive
BUT it’s worth it, it’s one of my best investments in software ever, and I prefer a one-time-payment as I do not like all these new subscription based business models.

AND… as I have realized, I did not just pay for a great app, but also for a fantastic support (thx especially but not only to Jim who is really fast in responding here and also to support email requests).

Compliments to all developers of DT and a big thank to the whole DT team.


I bought DT 2 in 2010. I haven’t paid anything since then. I think it is incredible value and so glad it hasn’t gone down the subscription route.


I fully support the OP’s sentiments in regards to what DTP offers - but differ slightly in regards to my point of departure:

Devonthink 2/3 is easily, by a long margin (albeit matched closely by Bookends) the least I have ever spent on software - relative to what I have received in return. Hands down.


as I have written in my original posting: Devonthink is worth every cent… it’s not just a software package, it’s an investment in a new way to handle all my data… and the support is simply fantastic. And I prefer their business model (I do not like all these subscription based models).

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Subscription based models DO work if handled properly.

  1. Give great value for a small annual fee. Case in point - MS (who would have thought!). Their Office subscription is very affordable and you get Office Business edition (sans Access) and 1Tb of OneDrive (plus some Skype minutes and something else)
  2. Combine subscription and perpetual licenses. Examples - Sketch and JetBrains IDE’s. Once you stop paying for subscription, you get to keep forever the version being current at the moment you stopped paying.

Many companies who claim to abstain from subscription model, they switch to almost annual release cycle anyway and when you have to pay for upgrades every year - it definitely feels like subscription.
DT is an exception of course - they’ve been circumventing business rules for decades. I DO hope they stay this way (although I do not understand how they can make money :-)) ).