Devonthink looking into package files

I’m still new to Devonthink, and mac’s in general (started about a year ago), so perhaps this is a dumb thing to ask about but, I seem to have a problem with Devonthink.

The problem is simple. I load in certain files, say Scrivener, Pages, Excel, Keynote, or a Notebook (the Circus Ponies kind) and I find that Devonthink cannot look inside these documents for text. Of course, I get the log about the item not being recognized but I thought the text inside would be.

The reason I thought this was possible is that other programs, such as Journler, can search inside such documents without a problem and offer them up upon a search for relevant words. I dont’ know how long they have but I figured the smart and sassy DT could do the same.

So maybe I am just missing a simple preference or setting somewhere that would allow this?

That’s not possible yet but will be.

That’s what I wanted to hear.


Prosim :slight_smile: