DEVONthink Mail 4.4 Import Support

I would be grateful to know what to do when this message appears.

“Incompatible Plug-ins Disabled” DEVONthink Mail Import Support - Contact the makers of these plug-ins for versions that are compatible with Mail 4.4.


That plugin is compatible, but Apple kicks out plugins each time OS X is updated.

Just run Help > Install Add-ons again and the Mail plugin will be installed.

This helped me as well

I just wonder how it helped you. I have tried to install the plugin endless times. All I get is this message:


Try this: shut down DT. Shut down Mail. Navigate to ~/Library/Mail/Bundles and move the folder with the DT mail conduit to a safe place. Start DT. Install the plugin (Help > Install Add-Ons…).

I also had the errors you posted, and found that this procedure has worked for me with each Snow Leopard release.

I don’t know if it matters for this but running the latest version of DT (currently 2.0.6) is probably a good idea if you aren’t already.

Thanks for your help. I am running the latest version of DevonThink Pro Office. I followed your instructions. However, it did not help. Then I removed all the other bundles (GPGMail, Herald, MailTags, SpamSieve). This also did not help.