DEVONthink Memory Use

More than once, just out of curiosity I’ve checked Activity Monitor and seen DEVONthink at the top of the list for memory use.

I’ve got nine databases, with a total of less than 10,000 files between them. Total size on disk of databases is 6.36 GB.

Does this memory use seem right? After quitting and restarting the app, it’s now using up 315.7 MB of memory, but I think if I let it sit for a while it’ll start creeping back up there again.

I would think that DT tries to cache stuff for faster access. And I’m not sure if the number you’ve shown is actually physical memory in use or if it also includes virtual memory.

Why does the number bother you?

That’s a good question. I suppose I could ignore it, unless something on my machine starts slowing down. I’d just like to know if that memory use sounds reasonable.

When I sense my machine is slowing down (which doesn’t happen that often), I look at Activity Monitor and sort the column “% CPU” to see the CPU hog. Memory use unlikely to slow down the computer. Other than when DEVONthink is working hard, e.g. when doing an archive backup, I never notice it hogging CPU.

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How many words are in each database?

In total there are 16.066M words. I didn’t count unique words.