Devonthink no longer saves webarchives

Devonthink Personal (for the couple of years I’ve been using it) has always had the ability to save a webpage as a webarchive or pdf.

No longer does it give this option.

Now, when I open a webpage inside Devonthink, the “Save” icon in the Devonthink toolbar is greyed out and is no longer ‘clickable’ like it used to be.

There is also no longer an option to save as pdf.

I’ve scoured the forums and support docs and cannot find a remedy.

Could someone please provide step by step instructions to revive the ability to “Save” as webarchive and “Save” as pdf?

Thank you.

MacBook Pro 10.8

NOTE: Someone suggested earlier I save all my webpages with safari, then transfer them into Devonthink. That defeats the purpose of Devonthink. I want to view the webpage from inside Devonthink, then save it to the appropriate Devonthink folder - exactly as I always have.

I’ve posted a response to your original question in the other forum. As a FYI, cross-posting the same stuff to multiple forums here will sometimes result in all your posts being ignored instead of the intended reaction of getting your question answered more quickly.

Thanks. But I rely on Devonthink for my work (and my paycheck…!) My orig post was placed over 24 hours ago, with no solution…and my workday begins in 16 hours…

So posting until the problem is resolved seems the only method for getting Devonthink to function as it should.

If you know of another method to get a solution, please let me know.

I’ll check to see if Devon technologies has a contact address for tech problems. Maybe they have someone on hand to remedy the bugs.