DevonThink not appearing in Safari Services


I’ve just downloaded DEVONThinkProOffice and considering using it for research purposes. Looks like is a fantastic tool.

Anyway, after installing, including the Clip to DevonThink option for Safari, I watched the tutorial video. I picked up on using the Safari services menu to get to various options for capturing material from websites and import into DevonThink, however, my Safari services menu isn’t showing up any items for DevonThink? Is there something further I need to do to enable this feature?

Problem solved. Just restarted my Imac and the DevonThink Options are now showing up in my Safari Services. Now to watch more of the tutorial video and start playing with setting up my databases. I’m considering 1) The Steven Johnson option of short sharp docs - basically summarising the various books, journal articles, sources and so on relevant to my research or 2) Just drop everything in - all my journal article .pdfs, summary note docs from my readings and so on. Or perhaps create two databases covering both options.