Devonthink Not Finding Duplicates

I have been experimenting with Devonthink 3 Beta (dirty word “Beta” I know). I spent some time moving lots of files from the global inbox into the appropriate groups (folders). After a sync to iCloud, I now have duplicates in my databases. If I search by name Devonthink will find the duplicates (one in the global inbox and the other in the group), however, the duplicates folder does show them. I have tried verifying as rebuilding the databases, but nothing has fixed this problem. I’ve tried rebuilding the spotlight index — same result.

Is there a way to get Devonthik to go back to recognizing duplicates? Or is there a problem with the Beta? I’ve never had this with Version 2.

It’s insanely time-consuming to search and replace each duplicate one by one. I need a global solution.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


I found a solution that more knowledgeable users probably already know but might help less advanced users like myself.

I found that using the “See Also & Classify ^S” command (6th icon in the inspector in DT3 Beta) allowed me to look across all my databases to find similar files. I could then quickly decide what to do about the duplicates. Very nice feature.

Does DEVONthink 3 or DEVONthink To Go not find the duplicates? If it’s DEVONthink 3 - is the stricter recognition (see Preferences > General) en- or disabled? And are the items located in the same database?

I think there was a misunderstanding on my part that DEVONthink could find duplicates across databases. See Also & Clarify Does that. I think neither DEVONthink nor DEVONthink To Go does that. Am I wrong?

No, DEVONthink doesn’t detect duplicates across databases. You can see this be showing and sorting on the Location column in the item list. You can also see it in the Instances dropdown of the Info > Generic inspector.


Thank you for the info.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: