DevonThink not updating indexed items properly

Hello, this is my first post so apologies if there are any faux pas. I am using DevonThink to index PDFs I have stored in Zotero while writing a thesis. It is super helpful for suggesting research papers I’ve saved that relate to notes I’m currently writing. When I first indexed, both the DevonThink and Finder versions matched. Now, DevonThink is showing 1.9 GB of data and Finder is showing 2.66 GB. There are files clearly visible in the Finder that don’t show in DevonThink. An indexed folder (Group) shows empty in DevonThink, then I select “Show in Finder” and there is clearly a PDF in there. I have updated indexed items, I have verified and repaired the database, and all of this seems to be working. Does anyone have any ideas why this is occurring or what I can do to fix it?

Welcome @AlexWinn

Please start a support ticket and include screen captures or a screencast of what you’re describing. Thanks.

Thank you very much, I just did