Devonthink of new iPad


I have been using Devonthink ToGo with Pro Pack on an iPad for some time with good success. I recently moved to a new iPad and Devonthink ToGo works but I’ve lost the Pro Pack. Do I need to purchase again?


No, you just will need to do a restore purchase.


Clicked restore purchase and Pro Package is still not available.


You can follow the steps as described on:

The DEVONthink To Go pro pack is not a consumable IAP, hence it should remain available.


What exactly is the Pro Pack? I have DTTG on my iPad but never came across the Pro Pack, as far as I know. How is the option accessed and what features does it offer? Nothing comes up at all when Googling it.


The Pro Pack is available via DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Manage. The description of the additional features is there, as well as the option to purchase (or restore, if already purchased).


Ok, I see that now. Already purchased. Thank you.


Sorry to say it, but this is another occasion where user should engage brain before using equipment; or pull head from you know where. Everything works perfectly well as designed, maybe not the user. Thanks for the replies and help.


No worries… we all have our moments! :stuck_out_tongue: