Devonthink Office & email attachments

I have done a test mail import through entourage and I have a question about the email attachments which were brought in.

I can see the attachments at the bottom of the email and I can click on them to open them in word. My question is can the attachments be imported in a way so that the content of the attachments would be readable and searchable in Devonthink? Or do I have to seperate the attachements from the email and import them.

What is the benefit of being able to embed the attachments without being able to search the content?

Step by step. The previous scripts only imported plain text of messages, without images or attachments.

One of my colleagues used to send messages in which the body of the message was a Word attachment. A plain text copy of his messages was useless. Now, I can at least open the Word attachments. If I want to incorporate them into the database, I can save and import them.